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About Us

About us

Dobrá sklenka s.r.o. (The  glass of a good…“ wine/drink/…“) is a small family company with a passion for wine. We have carefully chosen our products only from top quality producers whose makes their wines with care and passion typical for the southern nations. According to us, the price or the numbers of achieved medals is not most important for the wine, but mainly whether it tastes good for you.

How it all began....

Our friends established about 15 years ago the "Club of Good Wine Friends" and we became part of it. Since then, we have started to sort the wines not only on “red and white”, but mainly to “taste and disgusting". Over the years, we have tasted excellent wines from many wine regions of the world.

By tasting mainly premium wines, which are presented only in quality wine shops and in the HORECA system (hotels, restaurants, cafes), we have "pampered" our tongue. And we started to buy wine for ourselves only from producers and suppliers who sell quality wines which are produced with love and care and not for big turnover.

At the beginning of last summer on holiday in Italy (Venice), we were pleased by idea of our close friends to visit local Italian winemakers. We were amazed by their approach, by the quality of their wines and the devotion to the winery craft. Wine tasting itself in small family wineries is a concert. They let you taste whatever you wish to taste. Each bottle has its own story and they are able to tell hours about wine in all its forms. They do not want if you finally buy some wines, they are just happy to see you enjoy the wine tasting and mainly that their work makes a sense.

We were so excited by this visit that we decided to bring their wonderful wines and offer them to other enthusiasts and wine lovers in our country. And because there is so many similar producers worldwide with an interesting and high-quality wines, we have also decided to gradually add to our portfolio interesting wines which we discover during ours “wine wayfaring”.

As we have already mentioned - we are an enthusiastic amateurs and we would like to offer you wines for everyday a well as for an extraordinary days. We would like to be the ones who will give you a good wine that you can open to the ordinary dinner, but of course to be also ones whose wine you open at the festive moments or when you spend a nice time with your friends.